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The Santa Fe CrawlGuard Total Encapsulation Solution

The Santa Fe CrawlGuard Total Encapsulation Solution is one of the most effective moisture management systems for crawlspaces on the market today. Sealing off a crawlspace and removing excess moisture by using the Santa Fe CrawlGuard™ Total Encapsulation Solution will help control pests, improve overall indoor air quality, protect your home against structural damage caused by moisture, and reduce your energy bills.

Why Should I Encapsulate My Crawlspace?

While Defense One Termite offers Charleston pest control services, crawlspace encapsulation aids in the defense of your home from pests. Excess moisture, introduced by way of unsealed, vented crawlspaces, contributes to wood rot, fungi growth, and increased pest activity, including infestation and colonization. Moisture in crawlspaces migrates to the upper levels of the home through a "stack effect." In essence, whatever air is below the house moves inside the house, which carries odors and contributes to poor indoor air quality and uncomfortably high humidity levels. As warm air rises and escapes through the upper levels of the home, new air finds its way into the home to replace what's been lost. Intake air comes in at the lower levels -through unsealed crawlspaces.

The moisture, warmth, and decay in the untreated crawlspace can attract a wide variety of pests including termites, carpenter ants, dust mites, and vermin. Wildlife such as snakes, raccoons, and feral cats are also known to seek shelter in vented crawlspaces.

Homes with the Santa Fe CrawlGuard™ Total Encapsulation Solution are protected from both the humid outside air and the ground's natural moisture. An added bonus is that encapsulation minimizes fungi and mildew growth, which means you'll have a more structurally sound and healthier home.

Your pest management professional has the knowledge and experience to design and implement an effective moisture management solution for your home. A complete solution includes the installation of the CrawlGuard™ vapor barrier into your crawlspace, strategic placement of a Santa Fe Dehumidifier, and the minimal application of chemical treatments to ensure a pest-free environment in your home for years to come.


old destroyed encapsulation


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What Does Encapsulating a Crawlspace Entail?

The first step to encapsulating a crawlspace is to stop the penetration of outside air by sealing all openings in the sidewalls, including vents and doors leading to the exterior.

The next step is to line the foundation and floor with the CrawlGuard™ reinforced polyethylene liner to prevent moisture from seeping into the crawlspace. This premium grade 12 Mil vapor barrier is not available at retail stores and is specifically designed to effectively block moisture and withstand the ground's natural alkaline qualities, which quickly break down cheaper recycled materials, leaving your home unprotected. Proper installation of the CrawlGuard™ vapor barrier is essential to controlling moisture, and as a result, minimizing the pest and fungi that thrive in a damp crawlspace.

The last step is to install an industry leading Santa-Fe Dehumidifier that is specifically designed to operate in crawlspaces. This dehumidifier will remove any excess humidity, making the crawlspace inhospitable for fungi, dust mites, wood destroying insects, and other pests.

The Santa Fe CrawlGuard Total Encapsulation Solution Includes:

•Covering the walls and floors with the CrawiGuard 12 Mil high strength, polyester reinforced, virgin polyethylene crawlspace vapor barrier. This premium liner keeps moisture from seeping into the space and filtering into the living areas.

•Installing an industry leading Santa Fe Crawlspace Dehumidifier to remove residual humidity in order to keep the crawlspace pest and fungi free.

•A moisture monitoring system that alerts you to call your pest management professional at the first sign of high humidity levels, giving you 24/7 peace of mind.

•In some cases, the job may require a sump pump, especially if there has been a history of flooding or standing water in the crawlspace.

Crawlspace Facts:

•According to a study by Advanced Energy, homeowners can expect to reduce their energy bills by 15-18% by sealing off their crawlspace.

•As much as 50% of the air in a home's living space originates from the crawlspace.

•Most pests are attracted to moist environments; as a result, moisture control is an important part of any fully integrated pest management system.

•Advanced Energy determined that homes with vented crawlspaces were 19 times more likely to experience relative humidity levels in excess of 70% than homes with encapsulated crawlspaces